Whirl  Accent Chair by Michael Banks

Whirl Accent Chair by Michael Banks

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“ My Artwork is all photo-based, largely abstractions and details from the world that surrounds us, and includes constructed symmetries and one-off visual moments that catch my eye. I strongly believe in trying to push to the limit what is artistically possible with a camera……. new technology, such as smartphones and tablets have become the way in which our daily reality is now recorded, which means that photography with a camera is liberated from that role, and can truly maximise its potential as a means to make Art. The world is full of Hidden Beauty. I live to reveal that. ”  Michael Banks

 The Queen Anne is an everlasting favourite due to its adaptability. The luxury fabric used is soft and cosy however we know that longevity is important so we have used an extremely durable fabric that will withstand daily life.

To clean we simply recommend wiping down with a warm, damp cloth or a babywipe. The seat cushion is removable and can be placed in the washing machine to remove any spillage stains. 

All fabrics used are fire retardant, in compliance with the European Union safety regulations; additionally all fabrics are crib 5 standard, meaning that our furniture can be used in commercial settings as well as domestic. For optimum comfort we have opted to use Vita foam. Our company policy is to avoid animal products, we use foam rather than feathers to fill our seats and cushions as this is the cruelty free option - however this does not compromise quality nor comfort!

We have a range of accessories to match and accessories the chair with - from prints to cushions and footstools. If you would like a product with the identical print on but do not see it on our shop then please email us at info@madchair.co.uk to discuss what you would like. 

Approximate size;

Height - 104cm

Width - 84cm

Depth - 66cm

Height to seat - 43cm

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