Handmade furniture for the brave, eclectic, bohemian and wild!

Our bespoke furniture has been crafted for those of us who love colour, patterns and bold design.

Mad Chair Co... Short for Mother and Daughter, MaD Chair Co is a joint venture born out of the love of curiosities and all things eccentric.

We set out to redefine home furnishings and designs. As well as being fed up of the mundane, we were also increasingly frustrated with the throwaway culture that is all too common. We don't design to comply with whats in fashion at the time; we want our furniture to survive the constant changing trends, so we design purely with what we love in mind.

We are committed to sustainability and reducing our impact on the planet and keep this is mind with every creation. Even the inks we use to print our fabrics are vegan friendly and we will never use feather padding or leather, ensuring that we keep our ecological footprint to a minimum.

We are constantly looking for new ways to make our products in the most ethical, sustainable way. Our suppliers are all based in Lancashire, and everything is made in the U.K; we make our customers the ongoing promise that we will only partner with companies who have the same values as us regarding the treatment of their staff and the protection of the environment.

Current turnaround time is up to 4 weeks from order to delivery. For custom items please email: info@madchair.co.uk to discuss your needs.

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