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6 Fundamentals of High-End Interior Design You Shouldn’t Ignore

Luxury interior design is much more than cultivating a powerful, statement-making home and displaying ultimate allurement. Sure, that feature of it is incredibly nice, but the meaning behind it goes far deeper. It is designing a space that is entirely custom and showcases the true reflection of individuality. It is taking the time to discover the perfect items down to the fine-tune details that speak to you internally and demonstrate who you are as a person on the outside.


Now, if you are someone who is stepping into interior designing for the first time or looking to spice up your home to become more appealing, then you have come to the right place. To get you started on your journey, here are six fundamentals of high-end interior design that you should never ignore.


1. Statement-Making Seating


First and foremost, statement-making seating should never be overlooked if your mission is to create a luxury, eye-popping home. Seating as a whole is the perfect example of functionality while achieving that much desired style. The best part? The options are endless. For example, if you want color, the Boho accent chair, tropical parrot accent chair, and the blue hummingbird accent chair are all perfect buys. If you are more of a modern or neutral person, you can go with fantastic seating such as the chubby chair by slide, rattan lounge chair and stool, and the whirl accent chair by Michael Banks.


Are you looking for chairs with some height? The green velvet barstool and/or the floral barstool are solid choices. In summary, whatever you choose and whatever your statement chair style is, you can undoubtedly discover it here.


2. Luxurious Sofas, Cushions and Soft Furnishings


If you want to add lasting value, then pay close attention to the sofas you pick out along with the respected cushions and soft furnishings. What you choose, whether it be a bright paisley print sofa or a gray sofa bed, will impress your visitors (and even yourself) when they walk into the room. It will exclusivity satisfy your aesthetic appreciation, illuminate comfort, and add that personal touch to really make the house a luxury home to you.


3. Bespoke Service Lighting


Let’s turn to the ambiance of your home and talk about the importance of lighting and lighting fixtures. When done right, lighting can make your home feel bigger, brighter, and much more inviting. Alternatively, poor lighting or worn out fixtures can do the exact opposite, making your rooms feel dark, dull, and lifeless. With that being said, take a look at our collection at MaD Chair. From ballroom table lights to ballroom chandeliers, to even our art deco concrete lamp, our bespoke service lighting aims to deliver function and appeal all in one. Remember, choose your lighting colors wisely, as the right ones working harmoniously with your furnishing can enhance your entire home's mood.


Bonus tip: If you really want jaw-dropping impressions, think about adding the giraffe chandelier light. It is guaranteed to be a conversation starter!


4. Mirrors, Mirrors, Mirrors


Mirrors, mirrors, mirrors. Never forget about adding lovely mirrors with elegant designs to your home to add to that overall high-end furniture vibe you are going for. And we are not just talking about in the bathroom. You can add mirrors in any room to give it extra flavor. For instance, the eye mirror, the lip mirror, the Boho mirror, and the Nouveau mirror all add artistic value and character to those blank walls. Not to mention that a well placed mirror can add the appearance of more space, promote room balance, and heighten the overall energy in the room.


5. The Power of Rugs


It is no secret that a colorful or even a subtitle rug can change the entire vibe of a home. Do you want more vibrancy? Go with a bright, rich colored rug. Do you want to add more elegance with a modern twist? Throw this eye-popping rug down in a prime spot. Overall, it adds immense character and conveys a sense of rarity and uniqueness in a way no other piece of furniture can.


6. Interior Design Accessories


Never underestimate the power of an elegant candle display, or a golden wall hook perfectly placed in your hallway. Accessories are on this fundamental list because it is the little pieces that you invest in that collectively bring your entire interior design vision to life. Take some time to find excellent, compelling accessories, and you will be surprised at how just that alone will work wonders in your aesthetics.



Furniture with a twist.


One of the core values here at MaD Chair is that we believe everyone should be able to live in a luxurious space that is also comforting, functional, and, of course, gorgeous. Because we believe that interior design is so custom to each person, we aim to deliver nothing but the best quality and the most authentic pieces that can transform your dull spaces into lavish ones. So, whether you are a newbie or an expert, keep these fundamentals in mind to help you turn your home into something one of a kind, beautiful, and everything you have ever envisioned.



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